SERMONS! values and purposes are as follows:

1) The world is crazy. Music keeps us sane.
2) There will never be enough music to discover
3) There are only 2 genres of music: GOOD and BAD.

FREE subscribers get:

  • A song once, but maybe twice, a week.

  • A bit of writing, sometimes about, sometimes inspired by the song (kinda like a radio DJ that talks too much between songs)

PAID subscribers get:

  • The free posts

  • An extra album deep-dive edition

  • Themed Spotify playlists of songs not featured on Sermons!

To quote John Peel:

“I just want to hear something I’ve never heard before”.

If you feel the same way, this newsletter is for you.

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Music recommendations for those who wanna dig a little deeper. No genres, no masters.


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